Mattoni 1873

The Mattoni 1873 group is the largest producer of soft drinks in Central Europe, and it has expanded to Southern Europe as well. Apart from our traditional mineral waters – Mattoni, Szentkirályi, and Knjaz Miloš – we also produce and distribute world-renowned brands such as Pepsi, Mirinda, Lipton, Schweppes, Lays, and Cheetos.

Doing Business Responsibly

We maintain our springs and sources so that we can pass them on to future generations in all their crystal clarity.

Circular Economy

We can no longer afford to produce single-use products. The future belongs to circular economy.

Protecting Springs

We feel responsible not only for the mineral water itself, but for the surrounding area as well. We protect and constantly monitor our sources.

100% Recyclable

All packages that we use are 100% recyclable. We pursue multiple local recycling.

Improving ourselves

We continuously innovate, light-weight the bottles we use and reduce electricity consumption; we use rail transportation.

Deposit System

In all the countries we do business in, we support the introduction of refundable deposit for PET bottles and cans.

Preserving Traditions

We participate in the renovation of historical spa buildings in the locations of our sources. We open our heritage to the public.

Traditions, Innovation and Responsible Business

The Mattoni eagle was born at the end of the 19th century in the spa municipality of Kyselka, near the  well-known city of Carlsbad, now in the Czech Republic. Our company's history started there. The company that connects “Sources and Tastes of Europe” and bears the proud name of Mattoni 1873.

Our Modern History Started in 1991

The Pasquale family continues with the successful tradition of Heinrich Mattoni. Antonio Pasquale started to build the current company from its foundations – from Mattoni plant in Kyselka.

Alessandro Pasquale continues with his work, and the company expands further into Europe.

Mattoni 1873, it is not only water and world-renowned brands. It is an attitude to life and to the world. Mattoni 1873 is the promotion of sport, art and social life. Mattoni 1873 is people who care about the future.


Return to the Czech-Italian tradition. The Pasquale family privatised the company and massively invested in its modernisation.


Entry into Hungary. Levente Balogh's family company added bottlers of Szentkirályi and Kékkuti mineral waters into the group.


Entry into Bulgary. The local producer of PepsiCo beverages, the Quadrant Beverages company, joined the group.


Acquisition of licence and assets of PepsiCo in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Through a joint venture, Mattoni 1873 gained control over the largest Serbian drink producer, Knjaz Miloš.

Mission, Strategy and Values

Mattoni 1873 is a long-standing, successful and respected family company that is built on great brands with a long-term tradition. In spite of its size, it has always stayed true to values of its origin. The mission of our company is to refresh people's lives.

What We Bring

We bring natural mineral and spring waters, juices, ice teas, other soft drinks, and snacks of the highest quality to our consumers. We responsibly promote a healthy lifestyle. We are the community of talented people, and we have built a strong company.

We Are Active

We are active in various countries of Central and Southern Europe. We value our diversity, and we build our success with a local approach, respect, and trust. We like challenges, and we want to excel in everything we do! We know that profit will be our reward.

How We Change

We are not afraid to change the rules of the game. We are flexible, and we respond quickly and creatively to changes in the environment. Only like this can we fulfill ideas and expectations of our customers. We dare to do things differently, provoke sometimes and have fun. That's how we like it.

Mattoni 1873 conducts business in Central and Southern Europe, operating 11 production plants in five countries.

The Mattoni 1873 group employs 3,350 people in eight European countries. We continue to be a family company, and our success depends on the success of each family member. We invest in production plants and innovate production technologies and systems every year.

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We Are Part of Community Life

We value our significant position in our countries. We promote a number of activities of community life. And we thus bring another dimension of experience to our customers.

We systematically promote the development of culture, primarily literature and film. We were involved in the genesis of the Magnesia Litera Book Award and we have been the general partner of this project for a number of years. We cooperate on the presentation of the Czech Lion Awards, and support young, beginning filmmakers with the Magnesia Award.

We are known among sports fans for the promotion we have provided to a series of prestigious and family runs under the RunCzech brand. We are the title partner of regional half marathons held in the largest Czech cities, and we support beginning runners through the Mattoni FreeRun Project.

We are part of community life. We organise the international bartender contest – the Mattoni Grand Drink - which is the world championship in mixing non-alcoholic cocktails. On this occasion, every year, we organise the music festival - the Mattoni Cocktail Festival.

Our Brands

We produce traditional natural mineral and spring waters as well as juices, snacks and soft drinks of world-renowned brands.