8. 1. 2021

A centralized deposit-refund system for beverage containers will become reality as soon as 2022 – in neighboring Slovakia. Czechs, however, will have to wait for theirs.

Mattoni 1873 welcomes the nomination of Slovakian DRS operator. On January 5th, the Slovak Ministry of Environment appointed a consortium of four associations representing the soft drink, beer and retail sectors. This is an important step in Slovakia’s route to full-blown beverage packaging circularity, set for launch in January 2022. Czech authorities are currently not considering such a step.

“Slovakia will lead by example, as the principles implemented in their DRS law allow for full circularity of beverage packaging,” says Alessandro Pasquale, the CEO of Mattoni 1873. “If everything goes according to plan, Slovakia and their beverage industry will become the first real instance of a circular way of dealing with beverage containers. I am glad that Mattoni 1873 will be part of it and that, at last, we’ll be able to deposit our PET bottles and cans – at least in Slovakia, that is.”

Czech government has yet to express interest in implementing a DRS for PET bottles and aluminum cans.

„I hope this move will inspire our legislators, showing that DRS makes sense in the context of Central Europe,“ adds Alessandro Pasquale.

A centralized DRS would also greatly benefit our environment Data from NGOs partaking in nation-wide clean ups suggests that deposited beverage containers are an exceedingly rare sight around highways and in forests. Out of all littered beverage containers, those that are deposited account for only 1-2% – another proof that the motivational aspect of the deposit works.