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25. 8. 2021

Mattoni introduces returnable glass one-liter bottle in new design

The new bottle catches the eye with its timeless design by the recognized M. Mikovec as well as the first divisible crate in the market, allowing for a more comfortable transportation. Mattoni mineral water is available in non-sparkling and sparkling version. At the end of September exclusively in Lidl stores.

5. 8. 2021

Mattoni 1873 to bottle and distribute PepsiCo beverages in Austria

As of January 2022, Mattoni 1873 will become the exclusive producer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages of PepsiCo in Austria. The company has already for several years successfully acted as such in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Thus, Mattoni 1873 confirms its position of the largest producer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages in Central Europe.

28. 4. 2021

Mattoni with deposit on Koší closes the circle and recycles bottle-to-bottle.

Mattoni together with Koší e-shop closed the circular loop of PET in its first bottle with deposit. Mattoni PET bottles with deposit, which Koší customers brought back, were processed into new bottles. The original as well as new bottles contain 80 % or rPET. Full circularity of the process was overseen by certification company Green Circle Certified, granting Mattoni with deposit the GCC Closed Loop Product Certified certification that verifies closing of the material loop.

8. 4. 2021

Experience taste in a new format – introducing the revolutionary Mattoni can

Unique flavors and one-of-a-kind refreshment. That’s Mattoni’s new range of canned, flavored mineral water. The first of its kind on the Czech market, the revolutionary new offering fuses Mattoni mineral water and fruity flavors, all in a trendy, sough after packaging. Available in three distinctive, popular flavors – Multi, Black and Cedrata.

8. 3. 2021

Mattoni 1873 proved its resilience in 2020

Mattoni 1873, central European leader in non-alcoholic beverage market, maintained performance also during the exceptional year of 2020. Sales of the group decreased only by 2,7 % to 15 bn CZK and EBITDA grew by 12,2 %. The group continued to strive for long-term sustainability and lesser environmental impact even while facing anti-pandemic measures.

2. 3. 2021

Functional model of deposit system for beverage packaging in the Czech Republic according to study of prof. Mejstřík

The model of deposit system for beverage packaging tailor-made for the Czech market was designed by the team of EEIP consultancy company under the leadership of the late professor Michal Mejstřík. The study was commissioned by Mattoni 1873, founding member of Zá, who strives for circular and sustainable beverage industry in the Czech Republic. The beverage industry could become, also thanks to deposit, the first fully circular idnustry in Czechia. The implementation of deposit system is hindered by lacking legislation.

8. 1. 2021

A centralized deposit-refund system for beverage containers will become reality as soon as 2022 – in neighboring Slovakia. Czechs, however, will have to wait for theirs.

Mattoni 1873 welcomes the nomination of Slovakian DRS operator. On January 5th, the Slovak Ministry of Environment appointed a consortium of four associations representing the soft drink, beer and retail sectors. This is an important step in Slovakia’s route to full-blown beverage packaging circularity, set for launch in January 2022. Czech authorities are currently not considering such a step.

9. 12. 2020

Petra Kvitová and Mattoni: Two Czech Icons Announce Partnership

Petra Kvitová, one of the Czech Republic’s most successful tennis players, currently 8th in the WTA Tour rankings, is now an ambassador of renowned Czech mineral water Mattoni. As part of the long-term partnership, Mattoni will be Kvitová’s official water.

4. 11. 2020

„Unpack it“ and support your favourite restaurant

The “Rozbalte to” (Unpack it) campaign will aid restaurants affected by pandemic restrictions. The campaign is appealing to people to order meals from their favorite places, “take them away” and enjoy at home. The project, initiated by Mattoni, is a joint effort with TV Nova, under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

14. 10. 2020

Mattoni 1873 launches online store with nationwide delivery

Central Europe’s largest non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer Mattoni 1873 has launched an online store this summer, selling its own products. Mineral water, soft drinks and other products from their portfolio were delivered free of charge in Prague, where the project’s pilot phase was taking place. Now, the project is expanding into regional cities and lures customers with free delivery.

7. 10. 2020

The first-ever returnable can will be available at Koší

Returnable cans should draw attention to the need for sorting and recycling of beverage cans in the Czech Republic.

10. 9. 2020

Mattoni 1873 continues to unify colours of its brands’ PET bottles

Hanácká kyselka, Poděbradka and Dobrá voda, important mineral water brands in the Czech market, will in the next few months be filled into PET bottles of one colour. Mattoni 1873 continues its progress towards sustainability by supporting eco-design of its brands’ bottles. The target is to make recycling even easier, ideally kick-start repeated recycling “from bottle to bottle”. Apart from smaller number of PET colours, efficient collection is crucial, i.e. implementation of the deposit system. Only then can be the impact of the beverage industry on environment radically decreased.

25. 6. 2020

Mattoni 1873 reconstructed another historical building in Kyselka

Mattoni 1873 completed several years’ reconstruction of historical building of a so-called Hotel Praha in Kyselka. It follows other already completely reconstructed buildings in Kyselka – residential house Stallburg and Löschner pavillon with Mattoni Museum. Hotel Praha was reconstructed under careful supervision of historians and will accommodate IT department of the Czech No. 1 in the beverage market.

26. 5. 2020

Mattoni 1873 produces more efficiently, decreasing electricity consumption while increasing production

Mattoni 1873, the largest producer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages in CE, fulfil their plan to produce more efficiently in terms of energy consumption. In all of their 11 European factories, the group decreased electricity consumption on average by 9 % while increasing production by 20 %.

21. 5. 2020

Mattoni 1873 invests into first 10 ŠKODA CITIGOe iV e-cars

Following its good experience from the pilot, Mattoni 1873 buys first 10 ŠKODA CITIGOe iV cars fuelled purely by electricity. They will replace the current Škoda Fabie used by sales representatives.

3. 3. 2020

Phenomenal results of Mattoni 1873 in 2019

Mattoni 1873, the Central-European leader in soft drink market, has experienced another ground-breaking year in their history. The Group increased their revenue by 77% to 15,5 bn CZK and EBITDA increased by 74%. In the course of the year they acquired, via joint venture with Pepsico, the Serbian leader in mineral water and soft drinks market, Knjaz Miloš.

17. 2. 2020

Mattoni 1873 transported already 500 000 pallets by rail

From Kyselka, Mattoni 1873 today despatched a 500 000th pallet with non-alcoholic beverages, which will go to its customers and consumers via rail. Thus, significantly hleping the environment as well as the highway system in the Czech Republic. The half-million of pallets transported by rail substitute more than 15 000 journeys of fully loaded trucks. The half-millionth pallet is headed to the Olomouc central warehouse of Kaufland.

20. 8. 2019

Mattoni 1873 and PepsiCo finalize joint acquisition of Serbian producer of mineral water and soft drinks, Knjaz Miloš

Today in Belgrade, Mattoni 1873 through its subsidiary, Karlovarské minerální vody (KMV) and PepsiCo, Inc. (PepsiCo), through its subsidiary Frito-Lay Trading Company (Europe), finalized the acquisition of 100 % stake in the Serbian producer of mineral water and soft drinks, Knjaz Miloš, from Mid Europa Partners, via joint venture.

15. 8. 2019

Karlovarské minerální vody adopt new identity: „Mattoni 1873"

The largest producer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages in Central Europe, Karlovarské minerální vody, is uniting the family of its companies under a common name: “Mattoni 1873”. Name of the founder and the year of establishment are symbolically covered by eagle’s wings with a motto of “Sources and Tastes of Europe”.

5. 6. 2019

KMV and PepsiCo joint venture to acquire Serbian mineral water and soft drinks producer Knjaz Miloš

Karlovarské minerální vody (KMV), the largest distributor of non-alcoholic drinks in Central Europe, and PepsiCo, Inc., a global food and beverage company operating in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, have agreed to buy 100% percent of the shares of Serbian mineral water and soft drinks producer Knjaz Miloš, through a joint venture.