outstanding mineral waters and renowned brands.

Mattoni 1873 is a worldview, a way of life. People who care about the future.

About Mattoni 1873

The Mattoni eagle was born in 1873 in the spa municipality of Kyselka, near the well-known city of Carlsbad, now in the Czech Republic. From a small bottler of a unique mineral water, it grew into the internationally recognised family company it is today, bringing its customers not only natural mineral waters but also world-renowned brands.

Mattoni 1873 is the leader in the non-alcoholic beverage market in Central Europe. Such a role entails responsiblity and we strive to ensure long-term sustainability of the whole beverage industry. We care for our springs and sources so that we can pass them on to next generations.

All About Mattoni 1873

3 300 employees

not afraid to do things differently and in the highest quality.

11 production plants

bottling not only natural mineral and spring waters, but also juices, lemonades, and ice teas.

39 brands

either local or world-renowned that bring to people their favourite beverages and snacks.

8 countries

from the Czech Republic through Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary; to Southern Europe, to Bulgaria, Serbia, and other countries.

We are doing business responsibly

The infinite cycle of water flows in the Mattoni sources as well as in the company spirit. We are investing more and more time to doing business responsibly and take care of the environment. We have adopted circular economy principles and we strive for sustainability not only of our company, but of the entire beverage industry.

Alessandro Pasquale
General Manager

Our Brands

We produce traditional natural mineral and spring waters as well as juices, snacks and soft drinks of world-renowned brands.

Values of Mattoni 1873

Courage, respect, and resourcefulness. These are family values to which we have stayed faithful for almost 150 years. Our mission is to refresh people's lives.


Heinrich Mattoni had a great dream in 1873 that he successfully turned into reality. We want to have the courage to change routines, do thing differently, even provoke sometimes. And also to play. That’s how we like it.


With respect to the environment, we care for our springs and sources so that we may pass them on to future generations. We want not only our business, but the whole beverage industry, to be sustainable.


In the beginning, there was an idea, and this idea has lasted for almost 150 years now. Creativity, swiftness, and a striving for perfection. These are the qualities of a true leader.