Corporate social responsibility

Long-term sustainability is at the core of our business. As a family run company, we are fully conscious of our responsibility towards future generations. That is why we adopted the principles of circular economy and would like to steer not only our business, but also the whole beverage industry, towards long-term sustainability.

Doing Business Responsibly

We maintain our springs and sources so that we can pass them on to future generations in all their crystal clarity.

Circular Economy

We can no longer afford disposability. The future is circular.

Protection of springs

We have a responsibility towards the surroundings of our springs as well as the mineral water itself. We protect our sources and monitor them continually.

100% recyclability

All packaging used by our company is 100% recyclable. We want to be able to recycle our containers perpetually and locally.

Focusing on quality

Quality of products and production processes is our priority. We focus on quality management.

Deposit-refund system

We support the introduction of a deposit-refund system on plastic bottles and metal cans in every country where we operate.

We maintain traditions

We take part in the restoration of historic spa buildings situated in the vicinity of our springs. We make our heritage available to the public.

In nature, water naturally flows and circulates. Disposability and waste are non-existent; everything is utilized and transformed into a resource. This is the way human activity should be. We want to live in a world where waste is a resource, where there is no litter in nature, where energy is not wasted but reused. The beverage industry has a unique opportunity to become fully circular. All it takes is to get true recycling going, on a "bottle to bottle", or "can to can" basis. That way, our 100% recyclable beverage containers can be used virtually ad infinitum.

Examples of a responsible modus operandi

Rail transportation

Since 2012, we have transported over 500 000 pallets of beverages, effectively replacing 15 000 truck drives.

Reducing electricity consumption

Over the past ten years, we have managed to cut down on electricity usage across our production plants by 11%, while simultaneously increasing the amount of production.

The first circular bottle

Mattoni and online grocery shopping site Koší have created the first circular, deposited bottle. It is made out of 80% recycled plastic, and will get a new lease of life when returned.

Mattoni museum

We have restored the original bottling plant from 1873, which now functions as a museum of mineral water bottling.

We value the tradition and history of our brands. We strive to restore the listed compound of a former spa in Kyselka, where the Mattoni 1873 group was born. Our historical buildings are renovated one by one and subsequently repurposed – the Löschner pavilion became the Mattoni museum, whereas the restored Stallburg house was turned into an apartment building, the reconstructed hotel Praha will welcome the IT department of the Company.

We support

Our Brands

We produce traditional natural mineral and spring waters as well as juices, snacks and soft drinks of world-renowned brands.