8. 4. 2021

Experience taste in a new format – introducing the revolutionary Mattoni can

Unique flavors and one-of-a-kind refreshment. That’s Mattoni’s new range of canned, flavored mineral water. The first of its kind on the Czech market, the revolutionary new offering fuses Mattoni mineral water and fruity flavors, all in a trendy, sough after packaging. Available in three distinctive, popular flavors – Multi, Black and Cedrata.

Mattoni is the country’s first beverage company to offer flavored mineral water in cans. “There has been a long time rise in canned beverage sales. That’s why Mattoni, the leader in the flavored mineral water category, decided to expand its portfolio by introducing this format, and, by doing so, connect with younger consumers, who will mainly appreciate the unique and refreshing flavor experience,” says Miroslava Moravcová, Mattoni’s brand manager.

The gently sparkling Mattoni in 0,5 l cans l is available in Multi, Cedrata and Black flavors. Mattoni mineral water’s unique composition with balanced mineral content, combined with a full, fruity flavor makes for a great everyday refreshment. All this without colorants, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, with low sugar content and in fully recyclable packaging.

Mattoni 1873 is a long time supporter of perpetual local beverage container recycling. The company is one of the founding members of the Zálohujme.cz initiative, which endorses the introduction of deposits on PET bottles and aluminum cans in the Czech Republic. A nationwide deposit system would allow for a “can to can” recycling scheme to be launched. Aluminum recycling is highly sensible – it saves energy and water and helps reduce carbon footprint in production from primary raw material. “Aluminum is, much like PET, a material perfectly suited for beverage packaging. However, it is necessary to approach it from a circular standpoint and close the material loop locally, in the Czech Republic. But to be able to that, we need effective can collection. At the moment, only three out of ten cans are collected,” says Andrea Brožová, spokeswoman for the Zálohujme.cz initiative.