10. 9. 2020

Mattoni 1873 continues to unify colours of its brands’ PET bottles

Hanácká kyselka, Poděbradka and Dobrá voda, important mineral water brands in the Czech market, will in the next few months be filled into PET bottles of one colour. Mattoni 1873 continues its progress towards sustainability by supporting eco-design of its brands’ bottles. The target is to make recycling even easier, ideally kick-start repeated recycling “from bottle to bottle”. Apart from smaller number of PET colours, efficient collection is crucial, i.e. implementation of the deposit system. Only then can be the impact of the beverage industry on environment radically decreased.

Mattoni 1873 strives to locally close the PET loop according the circular economy principles. Getting rid of multiple colours PET bottles is a first step towards recycling “bottle to bottle” and thus towards radically limiting the amount of new PET in the market.

“The beverage industry has a great opportunity to become – as the first industry – fully circular and sustainable, while maintaining all advantages of consumer packaging,” says Alessandro Pasquale, Mattoni 1873 CEO. “Apart form unifying colours of our bottles, key will lie in introducing state-wide deposit system. Like that we would get clean recycled PET in food-grade quality, out of which we could produce new bottles again and again.”

The Hanácká Kyselka portfolio of natural and flavoured mineral water is not available in 5 different colours of PET bottles. Filling into bottles of unified blue colour has already started and in the course of autumn, the products will come to shops.

The Mattoni brand has already unified the colour of its PET bottles in 2019.

At the end of this year, these two brands will be joined by Poděbradka and Dobrá voda. Five coloured variants will be reduced to light blue for Dobrá voda and green for Poděbradka.

How could fewer PET bottles in the market facilitate recycling?

Currently, used PET bottles are being sorted at sorting lines according to colours and separately are sent to further processing. The most represented PET bottles’ colours are therefore those, which are recycled the most, these are – clear, blue and green. From the recycling point of view, it is therefore desirable that beverage producers use one of these colours. In the short term, this will bring more efficient processing of the sorted bottles, in the long term it will facilitate recycling from bottle to bottle. We would use this benefit fully if the Czech Republic implemented the deposit system for PET bottles. That is why Mattoni 1873 leads by example and decreases the number of colours used.

Andrea Brožová, PR Manager
Mattoni 1873 a.s.
Telefon: +420 721 150 737
E-mail: andrea.brozova@mattoni.cz

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