17. 2. 2020

Mattoni 1873 transported already 500 000 pallets by rail

From Kyselka, Mattoni 1873 today despatched a 500 000th pallet with non-alcoholic beverages, which will go to its customers and consumers via rail. Thus, significantly hleping the environment as well as the highway system in the Czech Republic. The half-million of pallets transported by rail substitute more than 15 000 journeys of fully loaded trucks. The half-millionth pallet is headed to the Olomouc central warehouse of Kaufland.

Mattoni 1873 have used rail transport for transportation of its products since 2010, when they reconstructed, on their own costs, the rail connection from Kyselka to Vojkovice nad Ohří. Today, the railway transport forms an important part of Mattoni 1873’s distribution chain: also products from Magnesia factory in Mnichov are transported by rail, the final destination is not only Mostkovice u Přerova but also Prague. The possibility to extend the railroad transport from Kyselka to Hungary and Slovakia is also being explored.

Thanks to positive experience, Mattoni 1873 has extended its railroad transport. The volume of beverage transported by rail steadily increases (from 46 mio l in 2013 to c. 57 mio l in 2019). With this achievement Mattoni 1873 belong amongst the largest Food FMCG transporters on rail.

Also, part of Pepsi portfolio – whose operations Mattoni 1873 took over in 2019 for CZ, SK and HU - is travelling by train from Prague to Malacky in Slovakia and Budapest and Kesckement in Hungary.

“Environmentally friendly approach and long-term sustainability are our key topics. We welcome using rail as means of supplying our warehouse. Decreasing carbon footprint belongs to the nature protection topic, to which we are committed long-term,” added Renata Maierl, Spokesperson for Kaufland CZ.

“We want the beverage industry to by fully sustainable and for several years we’ve been undergoing real actions to this effect. Apart from increasing the railroad transportation, we strive to locally close the PET loop according to circular economy principles and to recycle PET from bottle to bottle, which would significantly decrease the inflow of PET to the Czech market,” Alessandro Pasquale, CEO Mattoni 1873.

An important step towards such recycling is decreasing the number of colours used in bottles. “Also at the todays’ 500 000th pallet transported by rail, we have the Mattoni flavoured mineral water in the unified light green colour, which the brand adopted last year. In the case of implemented deposit system, efficient PET recycling from bottle to bottle would be hugely aided by decreasing number of colours.”, adds Alessandro Pasquale.

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