25. 8. 2021

Mattoni introduces returnable glass one-liter bottle in new design

The new bottle catches the eye with its timeless design by the recognized M. Mikovec as well as the first divisible crate in the market, allowing for a more comfortable transportation. Mattoni mineral water is available in non-sparkling and sparkling version. At the end of September exclusively in Lidl stores.

Mattoni in new glass bottle appeals especially to the fine dining aficionados. The design bottle with ideal capacity will embellish every table.
„Serving mineral water in glass bottle will enhance the fine-dining experience, be it together with friends or family. This novelty meets the needs of those who believe that a nicely set table is an integral part of dining experience,” Miroslava Moravcová, Mattoni Brand Manager, explains.

Another novelty in the Czech market is the unique divisible crate. It allows for comfortable manipulation as well as storing at home. Customers can bring either 6 or 12 bottles from shop. Thanks to a click-in mechanism, dividing the crate is very easy. Bottles and crates can be returned in Lidl stores.

With this one-liter glass bottle, Mattoni complemented its portfolio with another packaging complying with circular economy principles. Mattoni is a big believer in circularity and says no to waste creating, focusing on using materials again and again. “In Czechia we’ve known for a long time, how to

work with glass. Mattoni in returnable glass bottle can be an alternative for those customers, who are bothered that PET bottles are not part of the deposit system so far,” adds Alessandro Pasquale, Mattoni 1873 CEO.

In the Czech Republic, Mattoni1873 is one of the leading supporters of deposit system, not only for glass bottles, but for PET bottles and cans as well. They founded the Zálohujme.cz initiative and participate in the deposit system implementation in Slovakia.