13. 1. 2022

Mattoni together with Budvar comes up with a unique product

Two Czech icons, Mattoni and Budvar, teamed up together to bring a unique flavoured non-alcoholic beer to the market. The new product will be in stores soon. It is the result of a collaboration between two renowned beverage experts - flavours from the soft drink market leader, Mattoni 1873, are combined with a non-alcoholic beer brewed at the national brewery Budějovický Budvar, a world-renowned brand.

The cooperation, which requried several months of development of the novelty, was sealed by the signing of the contract just before Christmas 2021. The joint innovation benefits from the expertise of both partners - the largest Central European producer of soft drinks, Mattoni 1873, and the national brewery Budějovický Budvar. This is a unique combination of two such important representatives of the world of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, whose historical tradition also dates back to the 19th century.

"I am very excited about the cooperation with Budějovický Budvar. We have developed a fascinating, greatly tasting, simply the best product and I am glad to be now able to bring to consumers a complete offer of non-alcoholic beverages. Mattoni prides itself on innovation and a long-standing knowledge of flavour trends in the market and in Budvar we are honoured to have found the best possible partner that will help us take a step in a new direction," says Alessandro Pasquale, CEO of Mattoni 1873.

"We are delighted that as a national brewery we will be working with a traditional and first-class Czech brand. Our values, responsible approach to business and vision of a sustainable future are in many ways intertwined with the approach and mission of our brewery. Cooperation with other, often unusual partners always develops and advances us, but above all we simply enjoy it," adds Petr Dvořák, CEO of Budějovický Budvar.

The new product, which belongs to the category of so-called beermixes, is the result of the hard work of a joint team of experts who have developed an excellent product for Czech lovers of flavoured non-alcoholic beers with passion and enthusiasm. The new product will be produced exclusively in Budějovický Budvar on a new, modern line with an hourly capacity of 55,000 cans, the installation of which was announced by the brewery at the beginning of the year. Mattoni, which has long experience with the taste preferences of Czech consumers, has developed completely new flavours for this occasion. In addition to the traditional and popular citrus mixes, the novelty will also bring some new flavour combinations that are not yet available on the market.

"We have been preparing intensively for the launch of the new product, actively involving consumers. We were pleased to discover how much, especially young people were welcoming the cooperation of two traditional Czech brands and their joint efforts to bring an attractive novelty to the market," adds Alessandro Pasquale.

Consumers’ product testing has in fact confirmed that the product is extremely appreciated and that the combination of brands with great reputation and technological know-how are very much welcome.