3. 3. 2020

Phenomenal results of Mattoni 1873 in 2019

Mattoni 1873, the Central-European leader in soft drink market, has experienced another ground-breaking year in their history. The Group increased their revenue by 77% to 15,5 bn CZK and EBITDA increased by 74%. In the course of the year they acquired, via joint venture with Pepsico, the Serbian leader in mineral water and soft drinks market, Knjaz Miloš.

The central-European Group based in CZ produced more than 1,6 billion of bottles last year. The year 2019 was already a fifth record year in a row. The phenomenal results were reached thanks to organic growth and acquisitions in Central and South-East Europe.

“Last year was another extraordinary one for us. And I am glad for that, as we have adopted a new identity, which links our past and tradition with our future, and we have confirmed our commitment to long-term growth and responsible behaviour in our business day-to-day life” summarizes Alessandro Pasquale, Mattoni 1873 CEO.

Acquiring Knjaz Miloš together with PepsiCo

In August 2019 Mattoni 1873 acquired the Serbian leader in mineral water and soft drinks market via a joint venture with PepsiCo. The new member of the Mattoni 1873 family brought an excellent addition to the portfolio – especially in mineral water and energy drinks segment – one factory and more than 600 employees. Thus, increasing the number of Mattoni 1873 employees to 3 350. Knjaz Miloš’s history dates to 1811 and its great mineral water brands are among the Serbian most loved.

“We are currently leading the non-alcoholic beverages market in Central Europe and our strategy is to reach the same position in South-Eastern Europe,” adds Pasquale

Successful foreign operations and regional leadership

Mattoni 1873 is currently present in 8 countries and operate factories in five of them. In Austria Mattoni 1873 Group (Waldquelle) is second in the market of natural mineral waters and third place in flavoured waters market. In Slovakia holds No. 2 position in the natural mineral water market – Magnesia is the most sold mineral water. In Bulgaria Mattoni 1873 in 2017 took over the Quadrant company from PepsiCo. In Hungary they lead the natural mineral water market via the Szentkirályi Hungary

Sustainable business and circular economy

As the market leader, Mattoni 1873 is aware of their responsibility and strives for sustainable business via circular economy. In the Czech Republic, they initiated the Zálohujme.cz group, whose studies proved that deposit system would be beneficial. The aim of the system is to locally close the PET loop, enabling bottle-to-bottle recycling and thus increasing sustainability of the entire beverage industry via introduction of circular economy principles.

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