Quality Management

We do business in a responsible and ethical manner. We do everything we can to deliver the highest quality products to the market. We strive to comply with all the requirements of internationally recognized ISO and GFSI food standards. We apply an integrated management system for food quality and safety, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

Product quality and safety is our top priority. We will always do our best to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and consumers. We are actively pursuing carbon neutrality and putting the principles of circular economy into practice, i.e. using limited resources of electricity, water, raw materials more efficiently and reducing the environmental impact of our business. We feel a deep responsibility to the environment in which we do business, and our people create that. That is why safety of all our employees in the in all workplaces, correct approach to all aspects of business ekology and safety of al our services are among our core principles.

Applied management systems are audited annually by an external accredited auditing company. We are preparing intensively for certification in some of our production plants and in some of the areas mentioned above.

The certificates obtained for our individual production sites can be downloaded below.

Czech Republic